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AreaVoices 101 - Why Blog?

Last Updated: Jun 21, 2011 10:45AM CDT


So you can’t decide whether you should start a blog? What’s it all about? Is it worth my time and effort? Only you can answer that questions. But millions of people around the world call themselve bloggers and the number is growing every year. In fact, I’d love to give you the exact number of people around the world who have blogged at least once. But analysts say that number is virtually impossible to track. People start blogs everyday. Some are very active. Some blog once and then forget about it. If you’re on the fence about blogging,  The Area Voices Community wants to help you out. Here are 5 quick reasons you might want to start a blog.

  1. It Gets Your Voice Heard  – Some people are frustrated with the media. Others simply feel the media doesn’t cover what they care about. Either way, blogging could be the answer. Traditional media (TV, radio, newspaper) are going through some tough times. Thousands of journalists have lost their jobs in recent poor economic times. The news is getting covered, but with fewer reporters, photographers and editors the number of stories may not be where it once was. Enter the community blogger. Bloggers are everyday people who have something to say about a topic. Many are not journalists, but they have information they wish to share. Alongside traditional media they are a powerful ally in information sharing and delivery.
  2. You Get to Share Your Passion – Let’s face it. Some traditional news content is a little dry. It’s the who, what, where, when, why and how. Just the facts ma’am. Bloggers have passion about their topics. Most don’t make a penny from their posts. Their payback is sharing a passion about something they love, whether it’s fishing, cooking or square dancing.  When people write about something they love it’s usually pretty fun reading. Their passion comes through every word on the post.
  3. You Get to Build an Online Community – Take the aforementioned square dancing blog. Pete and Polly have loved square dancing for 30 years. Polly starts a do-see-doe blog. Readers find her. They leave comments. Soon they’re sharing information about square dancing. These are people from Pete and Polly’s own backyard or they might be square dancing enthusiasts from Croatia. How else would Pete and Polly have connected with these people. Do they square dance in Croatia?
  4. Blogs are built for search engines. Millions of people search for millions of things everyday. Search engines LOVE fresh content and your blog might just get top billing. Just make sure you’re putting in the right keywords and tags and people will find your blog. If you write a blog about your travels across Minnesota and you make a post about the North Shore, somebody from across the world searching for a North Shore vacation can access your material. And not only that, but years from now, your memories of your travels to the North Shore will be documented, organized and easy to find.
  5. And finally, as one of my co-workers said, “It’s just fun!”  She is a smart and talented working woman, but she has a passion for knitting. With her knitting blog she’s able to get away from her routine and have a little fun writing about something she loves.

Why not give it a shot?
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