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AreaVoices 101 – What should I write about?

Last Updated: Jun 21, 2011 10:45AM CDT


No one can tell you what to write about. The best blogs are from people who are passionate about their topic. Write what you know. Write what you like. That’s where blogging gets fun! And that’s how you can start to build a solid network of friends and followers on areavoices.

That being said, I can tell you what topics create the most web traffic. According to our reasearch, these five broad subject areas are the most searched on the web. Devlyn Brooks, the digital content operations director here at FCC, compiled these definitions and suggested topic ideas:

Information that helps readers make informed decisions about the health and well-being of them and those around them. This may include information regarding diet, exercise, visiting a physician, vitamins or alternative health care. It is not limited to just the health news of the day, but also includes information about trends, new discoveries or developments regarding the vast subject of health. The goal is to provide information that helps address readers’ curiosities about their own mental, emotional and physical well-being, and it can be as general as how work stress affects one’s body, or as specific as how to treat a child’s sunburn.
Information that helps readers make informed decisions about their personal financial situation. This may include information regarding how to manage a 401(k), using coupons to save money, how to reduce costs around the home or how to teach one’s children about managing money. The goal is to provide information that helps address readers’ become the master of their own financial situation. The information should relate to an individual’s financial decisions, or maybe a family’s, but the purpose is not to focus on which stocks performed well on a given day.
Information that will give readers insight into travel, whether it’s a day-trip to the regional amusement park or an once-in-a-lifetime African safari. This may include tips on how to pack, how to book cheaper flights or how to pick just the right accommodation, and this could include first-person accounts, or travel writer pieces or photo galleries from those who have traveled abroad. The goal is to provide travel information that allows readers to vicarious escape on that dream getaway, but also offers practical advice as to how to entertain children on a long road trip. Ultimately, the information should speak to individual readers about their travel experiences.
Information that will give readers insight into family life, whether it’s how to pick the best childcare facility or how to care for aging parents. This could include personal blogs, feature stories about unique families or columns from experts, but the information should be practical, relating to the lives of readers or someone they know. The goal is to provide information readers can identify with and use to enrich their own lives and relationships, or answer the perplexing questions they have about their loved ones.
Information about the rich topic of food, ranging from recipes and new dishes, to restaurant reviews and how to count calories. The information should speak to the fascination that readers have with food, whether they’re looking to learn how to eat healthier, splurge on something extravagant or where to catch a good burger in their region. The goal is to pique readers’ interests in a vast array of food topics, make them hungry for a decadent cheeseburger or teach them how to develop a meal plan for their family. The information should speak to the individual reader, answering their unique questions about food or giving them insight into how others use, cook and talk about food.

But again, the choice is yours! Don’t write a blog about health just because it’s a hot topic. If you aren’t interested in the topic don’t write about it. You won’t enjoy writing it and your reader probably won’t enjoy reading it. On the flip side, when you love a topic, it’s fun to write and fun to read!

And finally, an important  tip. If you choose to write about any of those broad topic areas, include the terms in your tags (Health, Money, Travel, Family, and Food). Your writing is more likely to be found if you have one of those terms in your tag words!
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